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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/Want To Have More Competitive Fire Than You Can Handle?
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Want To Have More Competitive Fire Than You Can Handle?

Playing sports, I wanted to destroy my opponents. That’s the essence of competing, right? 
The dream was to bring out my top level of competitive fire during every practice and game. 
The thing is, at the time I was hindered by being fully aware of my lack of career results to that point.
The big problem was that I was losing to players who I KNEW I was better than. 
That meant I felt like all my work on my game had been a complete waste, which to me meant that if I didn't fix this my career would be essentially over before it had even begun.
Then, after lots of trial and lots of error, something amazing happened...
I realized that I could tap into my inner "DOG" competitor any time I wanted and light my own competitive fire on-call. 
Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to go from "0-100" mentally when I needed to, because I saw that I now had the Mental Game to go with my developing physical game.
My plan was to start using this Mental Game in live action and kick ass all over the basketball court.
So I started finding games to play in, got myself "locked in" and saw how my results changed. And I didn’t stop there.
I started training myself to do this even when practicing alone, so I would know that I fully controlled this ability.
After that, I started bringing the "DOG" with me in everything I did in sports.
Building on that success, I decided to teach this to other athletes who have the same competitive desires that I had.
It’s MasterClass #853, “Competition: You Gotta Be A DOG.” 

With what you’ll learn in “Competition: You Gotta Be A DOG” you can now tap into and bring out your inner "DOG" whenever you choose to, which guarantees that you’ll bring your best performance mindset to every game — which doesn't guarantee that you’ll always win, but it ensures that you never lose due to a lack of effort or lack of motivation or competitive desire, which is all any athlete can ask for. 
And that's why I'm sharing this with you so you can get these types of results too. 

Get MasterClass 853, “Competition: You Gotta Be A DOG” here:
Get MasterClass 853 Here

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