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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/Video: No Such Thing As Doing "Too Much"
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Video: No Such Thing As Doing "Too Much"

We all spend way too much time in the weighing of options, hem and haw, maybe-I-don't-know-think-about-it stages. The truth is, we often know exactly what we want to do -- and eventually will do -- very quickly.

It's the moment of action and commitment that we're afraid of.

I'm not here to tell you to not be afraid of it; new circumstances trigger that instinct in all of us. What I am telling you: If your aim is to Lead in life -- with other people, but starting with yourself -- you must start taking charge and making decisions.

Some of your decisions will be unpopular with certain people. Someone may get really upset with you. Your decision will inconvenience some and make others uncomfortable. And some of your decisions will have these same effects on you!

But make them, you must. If you can't make decisions, you're not ready to lead yourself, let alone another person.

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