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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Using Energy To Create More Energy
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Using Energy To Create More Energy

Energy is neither created nor destroyed - it is merely passed from one object to another. 

Energy is a key for getting anything done. I mean, if you have all the skills and resources but no energy to actually use them, what do you accomplish? Not much. If you have no skills or resources but lots of energy, could you possibly figure something out and make some progress? Maybe. The possibility is there, at least.

So keeping our energy up is important. Here are some ways to do it.

Move with purpose. Walk as if you're excited about your destination. This isn't a metaphor. Really walk like you're happy about where you're going.
Move around often. If you work at a desk, get up every hour for 2 minutes. Take a walk on your lunch break. The human body was not made for sitting.
Know where you're going! You have to have a purpose and destination to get excited about it. Start your day/business/task with a clear idea of what the goal(s) is/are.

Get your rest. I'll sleep when I die people and #TeamNoSleep choose to sleep less to, presumably, get more done. One problem: when you don't get good rest, you're less energetic while you're awake. Less physical ability, slower reaction time, less alert, less brainpower, lower willpower... So your lack of sleep actually makes you worse, for a longer period of time (the extra hours you're forcing yourself awake). I didn't always think like this, but since I started getting full nights of sleep daily, I do.

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