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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/‼️UPDATE: I Found Out Why They Canceled Me 😮😲
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‼️UPDATE: I Found Out Why They Canceled Me 😮😲

I shared in a previous message that a podcast – one that had already agreed to have me on as a guest – canceled my appearance less than 24 hours before the recording.

They cited that some apparent “values” of mine did not align with theirs.

I had my assistant reply to them and ask for the specific value misalignment they were referring to.

They've responded.

Copied from their email:


“First I would like to say that we do agree with most of what Dre stands for. His career has been nothing but amazing and inspirational, and many people will benefit from hearing his talks.

One of the co-hosts had some concerns about what could be promoted on our channel after having looked through the website. For example: 'Wakes Up 3:45 AM With No Alarm Clock' - although probably not intended, this type of information makes it seem that he is a better person for doing these things compared to those who don't. As sport psychologists, we are trying to move away from narratives like this.

If any of us have any doubts then our policy is to not go ahead with the podcast with that particular guest. It's unfortunate but we need all of us to be comfortable with doing the podcast.”


This was surprising and funny.

The show is called (ironically), “Mastering The Mind.”

I won’t bash the hosts personally. But I will trash the ideas this person (who is one of the hosts) shared with us.

[For the record, before I continue: I don’t need to be on this show. My audience dwarfs their audience. According to publicly available data, my Work On Your Game MasterClass has more listeners in a week than they have all time.
Had they initially said “no,” then I would have thought nothing of it and moved on; we get told “no” often. The circumstances of this decline got my attention, and now I’m getting content mileage out of it. One of my principles as a creator is that everything I see and experience is possible content.]

I’m on the record talking about hot-button topics, things that I would understand triggering this type of response.

Race (BLM, Social Justice).
Politics (Trump, Liberal Vs Conservative).
Gender (LGBT promotion).
Polarizing people (Trump, Andrew Tate).

I was expecting their reasoning to be one of these. This is the first time I've ever had someone tell me that a personal habit of mine — waking up early — was a “value” or “narrative” that would make someone else feel lesser about themselves.

(Is one of these hosts traumatized about waking up early? Did he have an abusive parent?)

Not to mention that this show — which is all about mindset, optimal performance and mastermind potential — is targeted at high performers.

The hosts are sport psychologists. Sports is a “finite game;” a binary of winners and losers. It’s the closest thing to a meritocracy that we have left in society. The scoreboard is the objective arbiter.

If someone is kicking your ass all over the court / field / pool / track, they ARE better than you (in that game). Your job is to “Work On Your Game” and change that equation.

You’d think a cohort of sports psychologists would know this.

High performers — which includes pro athletes, big-money earners and the ambitious — we WANT to know what other people do that we don’t do. It offers us insight into what we might be missing, or for adjustments we may need to make.

If someone is earning 10X more money than me, I WANT to know the habits behind that result. Not so I can feel bad about myself, but so I can adjust where necessary and get my own income to that same level.

High performers are high performers BECAUSE they do things that most people don't do.

This show says they interview “elite athletes.” Elite athletes are such because they have habits and abilities that 99% of people don't have. That’s the fucking definition of elite.

Keeping someone off of your platform, for whatever habit / thought / belief that they possess, so as not to make others feel bad is literally the opposite of this show’s stated goals.

But, it is what it is.

Let me tell you what “it” is.

This situation – “it” – is a reflection of the pussy-fication of our society.

Hear or see something that causes a disturbance in your mind, heart or gut?

Don’t engage and get curious.
Don’t find out why someone sees or does things differently.

Don’t consider that — maybe — their approach is more effective than yours.

Why do that when you can cancel it, ban it, and move as far as possible away from it so it can’t bother you?

That’s easier.

This is how Mental Toughness is weakened and/or destroyed before it can be built.

We have an entire group of people (not limited by age, I might add) who are all-in on this way of thinking. This is their form of “Mastering The Mind.”

Some are matriculating at your local university as we speak. In a few years they’ll be teaching at the college, assuming political office, writing best-selling books, and teaching YOUR kids to think like them.

Some are already actively doing all of the above.

And they’ll be shunning and canceling you as a hateful bigot when you disagree or push back.

In conclusion…

Weakness is a habit and a disease. It’s easy to start and hard to shake; it’s highly contagious and spreads quickly by association and close contact.

Watch what you consume.
Be careful who you listen to and follow.
Distinguish between what makes you feel good and what helps you do good.

And remember: The things that challenge you the hardest are the things that you need the most.

Your next step:

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