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Turned Down. For What? 

My alma mater Penn State Altoona, for reasons unbeknownst to me, wouldn't book me to speak there when I offered to do so. I detailed the ordeal in video here last year.
James Altucher put me on the the good reason versus the real reason; Altoona's good reason was they didn't like a swear word or two I used somewhere. I strongly feel that's not the real reason (which is yet to be uncovered but will be). Bottom line is, they turned me down after multiple conversations.
I WILL speak at Penn State Altoona. Because
The people in charge there will eventually come around to the value I bring to Altoona, die or be replaced
(The ONE Exception) I might die before #1 happens.


We all get turned down for things in life from time to time.
The story above may have unique subjects, but the plot line isn't unique. What usually happens when people face what I faced with PSU is they never try again. And you, outside person not involved, never hears or reads about it. Because most people, when turned down, are much more concerned with the response of the public-at-large than they are with the actual turn-down.
Did anyone hear or see that? Whew, I'll make sure to never try that again! 
That's how many people live their entire lives. It's why, when you finally start doing what you've always wanted to do in life, people stop and stare and congratulate you and look at you longingly, trying to figure out what you know that they don't know about themselves and life.
They look because they cannot fathom going after something and publicly coming up short. They don't want to know that you know that they tried and didn't win.
Learn to get over that and you can get a lot. Bulletproof Mindset is just for that issue.

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