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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/Triage Your Task List
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Triage Your Task List

I heard the word triage before but didn't know what it meant. I finally learned this morning, and there's a great idea in the word for your tasks and to-do lists.

Triage is a term that comes from the military, when medical attention is given to wounded soldiers.

For example:

In battle there will be wounded who, not matter what you do, will survive.

There will be some wounded who, no matter what you do, will die.

The idea behind military triage is to direct the bulk of resources to the wounded who could go either way. Tim Ferriss refers to a similar idea as the Minimum Effective Doseage.

How this works for your tasks: decide which are most important to your business or your day or current goals. The ones that will actually move the needle are top priority. Everything else gets gotten to when it gets gotten to. It is not prioritized.

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