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Too Much "How-To"

I used to make a lot of "How-To" tutorial videos on YouTube. People wanted to know how to _______ (dribble a ball, jump higher, score more baskets, make the basketball team) and I knew how to do it. So I shared it. Simple enough.
Today, there are hundreds of people sharing the how-to -- of everything. Not just basketball (though there are plenty of people doing that also) -- social media, business building, writing blog posts. I still know plenty of useful how-to stuff, but I have found that there's another niche that needs to be fulfilled that most of your, "how-to" suppliers can't address. That's the mentality behind your actions.
When it comes to how-to, you can find a tutorial on pretty much anything in life within 5 minutes of Google searching. Which basically means this: Knowing HOW to do something is NOT the difference between your current situation and the success you want. How to do it is already readily available to you.
So, since you already know how to do everything, why the f*ck aren't you doing it?
Your brain is in the way. Specifically: Your emotions.
Laziness, or rather, the lack of ambitious-enough goals. Fear -- of what will or won't happen/of what people will say to/think of you. Of the inconvenience of change and growth. Of possibly separating yourself from your current social circle.
Take care of those and your mind lights up with possibilities. The how-to's are the steering wheel of your actions. They simply direct your moves as emotions -- the engine behind your actions -- are firing on all cylinders.

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