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Tired Of Being "Secretly Good"? Do THIS...

My first ever official basketball game, I scored five points: a three pointer from the corner, and two free throws to seal the win for my team in the last minute.

The most I scored in a game the remainder of that season was seven points. That season helped me build belief in myself as a basketball player.

When I got cut from the school varsity team each of my first three years of school, I was still playing a lot of pickup at the neighborhood park. My self-belief was growing despite my tryout failures.

I believed in myself when I walked on in college, when I got recruited to a different school my sophomore year, and when I was out of the basketball program as a senior.

My belief was not shaken by the post-grad year I spent working 9-to-5 jobs and living back at home.

I started playing at 14 and steadily built my belief year by year up until age 23 — it was then that I went to an exposure event for pro-hopeful players. It was there that I finally proved it, in front of some people who mattered.

Then I got paid for playing basketball.

Did the belief play a role? Of course: all my practicing and working on my game elevated my confidence, and confidence translates into performance. Without believing in myself, I could not have performed.

BUT, until I’d proven it, that belief was worth $0 to my basketball career. Maybe it would’ve helped in other areas of life, sure. But, until I had proof, all I had was belief.

You can’t buy 8 quarts of Rita’s Water Ice, which I did yesterday, with belief.


If you’re an athlete, entertainer, speaker, or any other performance-based professional, remember that you’re in show business: your business is based on the show you give.

Do you need to believe in yourself and practice? You’d better. But nobody pays you for believing in yourself or even for practicing.

Focus on proving it. Nobody can deny proof.

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