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Time Leakage

Apple recently released iOS 12 for all its smartphones. The feature that’s best so far is the Screen Time reporting. iPhone now tells you how much time you’re spending in each app, how often you pick up your phone, and even allow you to set “downtime” where certain apps — presumably those in the “Social Networking” category — are blocked from being accessed.

While these new settings are a positive step forward and offer interesting insight into how much we’re really using these devices, the only people whose activity will be affected by the Screen Time settings are kids whose parents control the downtime, and people who actually want to use their phone and/or certain apps less often. Everyone else will be merely amused to know

For people in the latter group, time leakage — the little pinprick minutes and seconds that get frequently wasted in such small amounts that we don't even notice — is real. Here’s where it happens most.

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