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This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

“That’s what most people seem to care about. How big a brand, how much market share, how many online followers. Too many marketers spend most of their time running a hype show, trying to get just a little bigger.
The thing is, tall sunflowers have deep and complex root systems. Without them, they’d never get very high.
This is a book about roots. About anchoring your work deeply in the dreams, desires, and communities of those you seek to serve. It’s about changing people for the better, creating work you can be proud of. And it’s about being a driver of the market, not simply being market-driven.”

If you’ve heard of Seth Godin, you know that the last name isn’t needed, and that he’s a legend in the marketing / business / thought-leadership spaces. His daily, short-and-pithy blog posts are the tongue-in-cheek envy of every writer. Seth has been online and marketing online since probably before you even had a cell phone and a computer.

If you haven’t heard of Seth, re-read the above paragraph: I’ve told you what you need to know.

This Is Marketing is another genius Seth book, where he breaks down exactly what marketing is, how and why many of us are doing it wrong, and the how's and and whys for doing it right.

You Should Read This Is Marketing IF: You sell anything to anyone. Which is everybody. This is not necessarily an entrepreneur-only book; it’s a book about gaining enrollment from other people to do things that would make their lives better — and you just so happen to be the person who can help make that happen.

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