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They Woke Up Like This 🛌😎

Ask most people the following question:

Why can a professional (at any particular role) perform at such a higher level than everyone else?

You’ll get a bunch of surface-level answers that make logical sense – but are not actually true.

Skill level.




Access to resources.

Professionals have all of these. But, they are not the reason why professionals perform the way that they do. None of these is the reason why a professional can make a relatively difficult task look easy.

The reason we can make what we do look easy is because 99% of a professional’s work is done out of public view. You never see it.

Professionals do the work long before the performance, long before the lights come on.

So, by the time you see a professional perform, the “homework” has already been done. All that remains is a show-and-tell of what’s already been prepared.

The professional speaker has already prepared the speech.

A salesperson already knows their presentation.

An athlete has already practiced game movements a million times.

When you see a professional perform, what you see is new to you – it’s not new to them.

It looks as if they rolled out of bed with all that talent and ability.


What’s true is, they rolled out of bed humble enough to do the work thousands of times. Long before you even knew the professional existed.

THEN, by the time you showed up, they were ready to make it look easy.

Here’s the point: the secret to making your performance and production look and feel easy is to do so much homework, that the “test” – the performance – actually IS easy.

This is not a talent.
It’s not an innate ability.
It is not reserved for the chosen few.


To show up and do the work consistently.
To measure your outcomes against standards.
To adjust as necessary.
And remember that we’re in a results-based business.

And you can make it look easy, too.

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