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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/They Can Tell When You Don't Believe Yourself
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They Can Tell When You Don't Believe Yourself

When I used to sell gym memberships, I gave this girl a tour of the gym one Saturday. A tour is simply walking someone around the gym, talking-to them, find out their needs and getting as much info as possible out of them for the closing when you sit down in your office. Ammunition for the kill... I mean, sale. 

She was obviously hesitant, not a quick-decision maker. This girl was the think-about-it-and-eventually-do-nothing type. She just "wanted information" (not her words, but she fit the mold to a T).

I was a struggling 24-year-old on commission. I didn't have time for all of that sh*t. She walked out with a $60/month gym membership.

She cancelled 2 days later and got her money back (avoiding me and going straight to the manager), but still.


Self-confidence is self-evident. You can spot a confident person easily just by a few non-verbal cues. The look in the eyes, posture, how they walk, vocal tone, other barely noticeable mannerisms that your subconscious picks up on. At the same time, those opposite traits -- a complete lack of confidence or a small gap somewhere in the facade -- is obvious to others no matter how hard you try to hide it, even if they can't explain why.

Most of this conversation between two peoples' subconscious minds happens beneath our level of active thought. Conviction just seems to bend situations in the direction of the person who has more of it, without us even realize that it's happening. Then we realize two days later what happened, and without that other person's conviction influencing us, we decide and do what we wanted to do originally (sometimes, not all the time -- that's an advanced sales topic).

The person with the higher level of conviction always gets what they want (in the moment at least). If you don't believe yourself, the answer is "No", no matter what you say.  At least give yourself the chance that they won't read the fine print.

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