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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/⏰❌ There Is No “Time Management”
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⏰❌ There Is No “Time Management”

You cannot manage your time.

One minute is always one minute.

24 hours is always one day.

Nothing you do changes these truths.

We call it “time management” because that’s what most people understand. And it’s what most people think they need to do.

“Things will be better if I can just manage time better.”


Life Truth: What “most people” think is ALWAYS WRONG.

You don't need to manage time.
You need to manage YOU.

Time management should be called, “self-management and self-accountability through personal discipline.”

But that course would never sell.
No one would come to that seminar.
That book doesn’t exist.

You can stay the same; we just need to manage the constant, never-changing element of time. That’s the key!


The most successful people are highly disciplined.

Their disciplines are directly related to their success.

If you’re disciplined at/with X, you’re successful at Y.

Money 👉 Finances
Exercise 👉 Fitness
Nutrition 👉 Health
Time 👉 Punctuality
Planning 👉 Execution
Speaking & Listening 👉 Communication
Attention 👉 Focus
Thinking 👉 Self-control

Flip these around to understand why people are unsuccessful. A lack of discipline in the same areas leads to constant failure, stress and uncertainty.

The #1 thing to manage in life is yourself.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone.

Look at that list and identify where you’re not that great of a manager.

It’s ok. Nobody is 100% at them all. And, many of us are not cut out to be managers.

Some of us are workers.
Some are bosses.
Not everyone is a manager.

Here’s what the smart people do: They fire themselves from a job they’re ill-suited for (management) and put somebody better in that role.

I can't teach myself boxing. So I hired a trainer.
I don’t like cooking. So I hired a meal delivery service.
I don’t like looking for business leads. So I trained my assistant to find them.

You must STOP trying to be good at something you’re not good at (or don’t like) and put someone better (and willing) on the job.

This concept is why the coaching, training and consulting industries exist. Because many people understand it, and use money to achieve what they won’t do through effort.

Speaking of time management, that’s the key to it.

Stop trying to “effort” and “hard work” your way through problems and instead, buy solutions.

This is what the most successful people do. Look around and you’ll see how obvious this is.

Pre-politics, Donald Trump was known as a real estate mogul. How many bricks did he lay? How many nails did he hammer in?

Probably zero. But his name is on the buildings.

How many hours of footage did Oprah edit?

None. But she’s a TV legend.

How many of your Amazon packages has Jeff Bezos personally packed, shipped or delivered?

How many iPhones did Steve Jobs build?

You get the point.

Stop hard-working your way through problems and buy solutions.

Where do you start, though? What do you do first?

We can help:

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