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The Weekend Get-Ahead [Daily Game]

The weekend is party time. Not necessarily parties, per se, but fun celebration-type activities — in Miami it’s the pool, cookouts, clubs, brunch, beach, boats — you get the idea. I know because… everyone in Miami knows. I’m more actively aware though, because the building across the street from my balcony has a rooftop pool and I can see the people coming and going and staying there.

The photo above was taken around 6pm on a Sunday; everyone was off to the lounges by then. In the afternoon on a sunny day, however, you would be lucky to find a sun bed to tan on at the pool. It’s a popular place.

Where you live, there are other things if not pools and beaches. The weekend is when we kick back, relax, laugh, play, and forget about all the serious Monday-thru-Friday stuff.

I’ve always liked spending my weekends, including Friday nights, working. Reading. Creating new stuff. I liked using that time as my opportunity to get just a little bit further ahead of everyone who was recovering from the previous night at the club.

There was, and is, no trick to it. Simply, work when (we think) others are not working. Whether it’s try or not doesn’t matter: The mental edge we gain is in believing we earned something no one else did. And that edge can make all the difference.

For Your Game
Succeeding is not always some big idea that shatters your brain. It’s you being reminded of the basic stuff that you already know.
Everyone has days away from work. That doesn’t mean you can’t do something, even something small, to maintain your edge and make yourself better. 5 minutes each weekend day equates to a full 8-hour workday over the course of a year.
This does not mean you never have fun or relax. I went to afternoon brunch Sunday afternoon myself and had a good time. But I spent my morning reviewing my goals and creating new videos. And I still wrote his in the evening. Always do something each day to help yourself.

What do you do on your “off” days to make yourself better?


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