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The Trick To Seeing Through People’s Manipulation Of Facts...

Continued from yesterday’s article (it’s at if you didn’t get the email) …
Now, about the actual on-camera interview. 
(They told me that the footage would be posted on social media when it was ready, so I’ll share the clips on Instagram @DreBaldwin when that happens.) 

The company (they told me their name, which I forgot as soon as the 5-minute interview was over) is the political-activist type. There are other organizations like them out there on both sides of the political divide that create seemingly-objective content that is not at all objective. 

I can point this out, since I don’t have a dog in any political race. 
The questions, asked by the woman with the mic, were clearly left-leaning — meaning, the woman was presenting (what I trusted to be) factual information about Trump, taxes, Medicaid, etc — but, they were cherry-picked facts: stuff that, without objective reasoning, would make a Trump hater hate Trump more, or a person who hates the 1% hate them more. 

For example: 
The first question she asked was if I felt it was “fair” for billionaires to pay much less in taxes than everyone else. 

I replied that taking advantage of loopholes in the tax code to effectively pay less was completely legal — and not a question of fair or unfair. Anyone with the resources and knowledge to keep more of their money (rather than give it to the government) would do it. 
Wouldn’t you? 
She then noted that Amazon as a company paid $0 in taxes last year. 
I reiterated that Amazon, along with others, is merely “playing the game” that the law allows them to play. We can’t demonize them for that. 
We shifted gears to President Trump. 

How did I feel about Trump removing “pre-existing conditions” from Medicaid? 
The gist of my reply: the US profit-based healthcare system has been not-good for awhile (Michael Moore’s “Sicko” documentary laid this bare in 2007, before Obama). Can’t blame the President for that. 
And, anyone who is depending on the government to save them is playing a losing game, regardless of who occupies the White House. This is not a new perspective. 
This prompted her to ask me if I were a Trump voter, and if I’d vote for Trump in 2020 (no, and I’m not sure I like any candidate as of today). 

She asked a few more questions about Trump, government, taxes, healthcare, etc. 
What’s worth noting about the questions she asked was how easily a smart person — like this woman — can pick and choose factual information to persuade someone to feel a certain way. 

It’s both admirable and irking to me, because most people don’t question most of what they hear, especially from (what appears to be) a credible source: they blindly accept it. 

The last question the woman asked me was if I knew what Trump had done for big, billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. 
I replied that I did not know what Trump had done. 
She replied that he had given them a $70 Billion (or some number close to that) tax break. 

Assuming that is accurate, I replied, what you’re doing isn’t objective or fair for the conversation: you’re choosing one random piece of info that makes one side look bad. 
A Trump supporter who’s informed of this stuff, I continued, would counter your every anti-Trump fact with TWO pro-Trump facts. It’s disingenuous to try and bait me into a certain response or opinion with that info-slash-question. 
I respected her game, while at the same time identifying the bullshit IN her game. 
I could tell by the looks on the faces of the crew that they did not expect such a response. 
This was taking place in the heart of Miami, after all — Hillary won Miami-Dade County 63%-34% over Trump in 2016. 
This production group had chosen this location for a reason. They know what kind of responses they’re gonna get in aggregate. I have good reason to believe I was an outlier. 


I don’t remember everything the host asked, but I enjoyed the conversation. I like those kinds of interactions. The crew wasn’t mad at my responses; slight surprise is the best way to describe it. 

I respect what they’re doing. They want Trump and all associated with him out of office; if manipulating facts and using those manipulated facts to persuade the populace is part of the cost of doing so, then dammit, so be it. 

I think “the left” has decided that doing whatever needs doing to remove Trump is well worth the price. 

All in the game. I’m not mad at it. It’s fun to watch when you know what’s going on. What concerns me is that so many people don’t know.  

This is the game we are living in now, though: the rules are more loose than they’re ever been. 

Facts matter less than they have ever mattered. Yeah, people still utilize facts, but facts are not left to stand alone anymore: they are hand-picked and weaponized based on who needs them and the angle that person has in the moment. 

(Read Scott Adams’ last two books, Loserthink and Win Bigly, to learn more.) 

You really don’t know whose information you can trust. 

The smarter the person wielding the facts, the better they are at manipulating people with those facts. That’s the crazy part. 

The bottom line: don’t believe anything that you hear until you understand the angle of the person who’s speaking. Anyone who is involved in politics has an angle.

When have you seen someone take objective facts and bend them to support a certain narrative / position? Have you done it yourself? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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