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The Self-Image Feedback Loop...

(The following is a concept I’ve talked about in The Super You and Work On Your Game, and is sparked again by Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life, soon to be reviewed.)
We judge each other by surface appearances. 
Yes — you do it too. 
With a simple, 3-second glance, we gage another's self-esteem, social and financial status, intelligence, and worthiness for our company. 
Sometimes we’re wrong. But we’re often correct — which is why we have evolved to utilize such a practice without thinking about it. 
Others do this to us at the same time. 
And you know what they say about first impressions. 
When people see you as __________ (confident, anxious, trustworthy, useless, attractive, ANY trait — one that you want OR you don't want), your unconscious wiring notices this and responds accordingly: you immediately and unconsciously adopt traits that fit their perceptions. 
Thusly, people see even more of that same trait in you, conforming their initial judgment of you (and hardening the human tendency to judge people on appearances). 
The more they see such traits in you, and the more you display and confirm them, the more they become real to you, part of who you are. 
This is how “the rich get richer” and “the poor get poorer.”
It’s not just a self-fulfilling prophecy — it’s everyone-else-fulfilling at the same time. 
There was once a guy headed to prison for a short bid. A friend who was a veteran of incarceration offered him sage advice. 
“The way you walk into that joint, is the same way you're gonna walk out of there.” 
What you show people about yourself is what they believe about you. And what they believe about you is what you believe about yourself. 
And it goes on from there. 
In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that one day we would all judge each other on the content of our characters, and not on surface appearances.  
Sorry, Martin. It hasn’t happened just yet. And it may be a long time before it does. 
In a future message, I’ll tell you how to counteract impressions that you want to change. 
By the way — if you want to learn, on a DAILY basis, how to control your own mental and physical presentation, you can get that as a member of the Game Group where you get every full episode of the Work On Your Game Podcast. 

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