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The Real Secret To Opportunity...

I was in the gym when I jotted down the idea for this article.

What sparked the idea was an idle barbell, sitting by itself. There were plenty of weight plates racked on either side of the lonely bar. No one was using it. The whole 20 minutes that I did my stuff, no one touched or even looked at that bar. It was a quiet day in the gym.

The barbell reminded me of the video I made in 2014 explaining to basketball players why my gym was always empty when I made my YouTube videos.

The reason: there’s only one thing to do in a gym: WORK.

That’s why the gym can be wide open and still empty. There’s opportunity there, but it’s dressed up as effort.

Many people don't see that as opportunity. To many, opportunity is something that happens for them, not something they create on their own.

Which is why so many people are constantly seeking opportunity, as though it's nowhere to be found.

By the way, I made an episode about this, #1041: There's MUCH More Opportunity Out There Than You Think.

Listen here:

Listen To The Episode Here

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