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The Real Reason To "Eat Your Vegetables"...

I’m working on my 29th book right now. This book and #28 (which is already done) will both be released this year. I’m scheming on how I’ll roll-out and promote them together as a package deal. That’s exciting. 
Writing a book though, the actual writing of the book, is mostly NOT exciting. 
The initial writing is fun for me, when I’m brain-dumping everything I want to say into a Google Doc. But the edits… THE EDITS!!! That process is closer to excruciating. 
Moving sections around. 
Figuring out how one part connects to the next part. 
Eliminating some of my favorite passages. 
Shortening stories that aren't necessary to support the point. 
Making executive decisions, since a book is a work of art, not science, and there’s no “right” way to write a book. 
All of this without knowing how you, the reader, will respond to it. 
You know what’s fun? Marketing. 
Media appearances. 
Getting written up in magazines and blogs.
Setting up sales funnels and driving traffic to them. 
Guesting on people’s podcasts and their audience becoming part of my audience.  
Doing rooms on the Clubhouse app.
The instant gratification and ego-boost of talking about myself for 45 minutes and having people respond favorably to it. 
That’s fun. 
The fun part, however, is only possible because of the not-fun part. 
Without a book to promote, without some work under my belt to bolster my credibility, no one would want to hear what I have to say. To reach out to a show and say, “I have a book that’s about XXX,” I have to actually have written a book that’s about XXX.  
Finishing this book feels like eating my vegetables at the dinner table before I’m allowed to go outside and play. 
But, unlike drinking cow’s milk (remember those ads from back in the day?), eating vegetables actually does make for strong bones and a healthy body. Finishing my vegetables allows me to play longer and harder. 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another chapter to write. Stay tuned. 

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