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The One Habit That The Powerful Possess That Others Don’t...

Powerful people take action. 
When there’s a choice between thinking, planning, preparing… and DOING something, the powerful move their feet.  
They have the conversations that produce answers to pressing questions. 
They test their plans and ideas in live action. 
They show up where the opportunity is. 
The saying goes, “don’t judge people on their words — judge them on their actions.” 
Here’s something interesting: most people never get judged at all. You wanna know why? 
They never take enough actions to even be measured by. There’s not enough data. 
Most people don’t take enough action to even show up on the radar. 
This thing that the powerful do, I call it having an Action Bias. 
It’s the tendency to do something rather than doing nothing. 
Episode #1199: Developing An Action Bias is available, along with more than a thousand other MasterClasses, in the Game Group Membership. 

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