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The New - And Other News

Damn. That guy/girl looks good, you thought. I mean, forget attractive - (s)he is HOT!! Everything in all the right places, a nice smile, this person is so hot you're pulling out your phone to take a quick photo of him/her - you're way too intimidated to approach… then you saw the person this hottie is walking arm-and-arm with. As much as you try to not be judgmental, you can't help but to think, why is (s)he dating him/her?!?!

Unconsciously, you had no choice but to downgrade your rating of the hottie you'd just been salivating over. 

We all judge, all day. We judge people, places and things by the company they keep. No matter how perfect you, your product or your idea is, stand (it) next to the wrong companion, or present it in the wrong way, and the perceived value of your great offering (and YOU can be the offering) immediately diminishes.

This very website was the “4” walking arm-and-arm with the “10” (me).

People I interact with see tons of posts, emails and websites daily. A slow-loading, hard-to-navigate site rarely gets a second chance to make a first impression. I had to upgrade the entity that, for most people who don't click around on websites, is their first and only impression of DreAllDay.

For one, my hosting was cheap and slow.

In basic terms, hosting is the land a website lives on. My old hosting was rough, dry land not fit for building a garden shed on, let alone the 100-story skyscraper my business represents. I have changed hosts, which makes this site load significantly faster now. Maybe you have noticed. 

Another blemish was my outdated design and layout. I just updated the layout last July, but times change quickly - that, or I was just slow to catch on even last year. Either way, I needed a fresh look.

Oh yeah, the content: my website is not like most personal sites you see. I publish the most content (articles, videos, podcasts, live streams, social media) of any person alive. In order for people to find and use the value within, it must be easy to find. I've resolved that - and continue to make it even easier - on the Help Page, the most-viewed page on

My assistant, in taking a look at the old before we even began working on this new layout, observed that too many of my links were going to other sites. This would confuse visitors, he said, and also lose visitors who wouldn't come back “home” after being directed away.

So my Books and Speaking are all on this domain now. I'm happy about that.

Enough website talk. Let's get into some other things.

The Work On Your Game Podcast has completed Year One of DAILY publishing. We have ranked in the Top 150 on iTunes in the Education category, which is great but not important. There's no clear information on how the rankings are compiled, and until there are, I don't focus on things I can't control. Anyhow, our listenership has increased in every quarter since we launched, and I'm loving the feedback from my listeners. Keep tuning in (and being subscribed!!) and I have more and more value to share.
In early April, I spoke to a group of high school students in-person for the first time ever - which seems hard to believe, even to me, but true. I'd been talking to an organization who holds national conferences for students, and their organizer insisted she see me speak to a group in the flesh to learn if I could do it. Well dammit, now I've done it. You can see the hour-long footage here.
Speaking to a business audience: footage from the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is here.
TBT, the $2 Million open-call basketball tournament, is happening again this July. Under no circumstances am I playing in TBT, haha. That time has passed: I'm done playing competitive basketball. I have registered a team though (I would be General Manager), but as of this writing, am not committed to getting Team WOYG into TBT (which will require votes from Fans like you to earn our eligibility). The challenge is finding players! And not just 10-12 random guys, but players who already know each other so there's some form of chemistry to build on. Oh yeah - they need to be professional players who are damn good. Because TBT competition is not a joke. The whole thing will be on ESPN this summer. If it does become a go, expect another email about it no later than May 1.
The quickest way to ask me a question and get answer is Snapchat. Just so you know, the answer is probably on this site already (post, video, podcast).  I had a very productive conversation with an overzealous security guard at my building who was trying way too hard to (wrongly) enforce swimming pool rules regarding “Dawn” and “Dusk.” For Political reasons I won't post that video, but if you were following my Snap, you saw the whole thing when it happened. I will address it on the Podcast soon.
I've written 13 books now, and will be sharing more about each in future writings. Stay tuned.
For basketball players, parents and coaches, is up and running. Program-wise, I'm simplifying things over there, focusing on our best stuff instead of spreading out as much as we did 2010-16. Stay tuned. All programs are physically shipped books now, no digital versions. And yes - we ship worldwide. Free shipping to the USA.
I'm now doing a Morning Mindset on Periscope daily - follow me there to catch each one.
I'm writing this on my assistants’ final day to finish work on If you notice anything out of place, let me know.


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