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The Literal Subconscious Mind

I want to make more money.

Someone hands you a dollar -- your prayers were answered, now get the hell out of here!

You have heard that one before. This is an analogy many speakers and authors use to explain how the subconscious mind is literal and how the mind needs specific details on what you want from it. Despite that, that opening phrase is still the way most people send their desires out to the universe -- and get upset when the results aren't what they really wanted.

You have to give your mind details: I want to be earning $10,000 or more per month extra by February 2020 from sales of my jewelry. I want to own and drive a 2016 AMG Mercedes Benz in black no later than June of next year. I will be bench pressing 300 pounds for 5 reps or more by December.

Clear pictures lead to clear results.

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