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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/The Leadership Decision
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The Leadership Decision

We've already talked about leading yourself. Now is the next step. If you want to lead a group of even two people, the first move to make is your decision -- belief -- that you're worthy and capable of leading the pack.

You must believe that you are the person everyone else should follow. If your conviction is strong enough (this is not conveyed by what you say verbally), people will follow. If your belief is weak, people will read that in you and your time as leader will be over. If you start with conviction and lose it, the same outcome awaits.

You'll notice that many things in life -- many great accomplishments, the way people perceive you, having a position of leadership -- are what most people would think are achievements of skills and resources. They're not. These are all decisions. When you make a decision, you cut off any other possibility. By definition, there is nothing else that can result. How convinced would you be if there was no other option?

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