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The Invisible Sell

I saw an image on Instagram where the GLeague shares the story of a player who made his way from a GLeague Open Tryout to an NBA roster.

What I know, and what the post in question doesn’t say, is that this player didn’t just walk into a GLeague Open Tryout as a noname player that no one had heard of. Players of his background get invited to training camp based on their resumes. Per league rules, only a certain number of players can be invited to camp from certain avenues; Open Tryouts is one. So the player gets sent to the Open Tryout as a formality, while a training camp invite is already agreed upon.

Why I’m twins you this: The hidden message the GLeague sells you is that you can walk into one of their Open Tryouts sight unseen and become the Cinderella story who fights his way to the NBA. That’s not how it’s set up.

I’m not telling you it’s impossible. I’m telling you to be wary of the real value of an opportunity that’s being sold to you by the very people who stand to benefit from your purchase.

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