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The "Hot Girl" Client Strategy 👯‍♀️🥵

The best way to acquire clients is the same way an attractive woman meets the men of her choice.

Let’s look at what she does.

(Attractive women readers: Check me if I missed a step.)

She dresses in an outfit that will turn heads.

Goes out to where the men she wants to meet will be.

Sees a guy she’s interested in.

Does she walk up to him and say, “here’s my number — call me tonight”?

No. Only in the movies.

She positions herself where the guy will notice her, and flashes a signal or three (men can be slow to process) that she’s available.

The smart man approaches.

In the end, the hot girl gets what she wants: Her number in that man’s phone. And it goes from there.


How does this translate to acquiring clients? If you’re offering an intimate, high-ticket service (such as any form of coaching / consulting), here are the points.

1) You want them to come to you.

2) Never force-feed yourself on others.

3) If you’re any good, you’re in-demand. Which means they should be trying to get to you — not you always coming towards them.

4) Your presentation and stature (i.e., what people notice when they see you and your stuff) should attract interested parties who want to know more.

5) Yes, do things to ensure that you’re seen — but never be desperate for attention. There’s an art to the game.

If you’re tired of throwing out hooks that get no bites and would rather the fish start jumping in your boat on their own volition, Work On Your Game University can help. Find out more here:

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