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😮 The Harsh Truth About Andrew Tate

You may have heard of Andrew Tate.

Andrew, or “Top G” as he refers to himself, is The Most Googled Man on the Planet. He’s been online for some years, but his name and message have recently exploded. He came onto my radar when he was mass-banned by all the social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter [since reinstated after Elon Musk took over]) at the same time on the same day last summer.

My third-party understanding of Tate was that he was lecturing men about how to “be a real man” and get women. That topic did not warrant my attention.

The mass-banning did.

The banning, according to official reports from the platforms in question, was because of Tate’s alleged “dangerous” and “misogynistic” commentary.

That he was promoting strong anti-female perspectives that were “hurtful” and “harmful” to society, thus violating social media policies.

👆 This language reeks of bullshit. And, they all decided this at the same time, on the same day? And all banned him at once?

People say all kinds of crazy stuff online every day. The platforms shared a “good reason” to ban Tate. I knew there had to be a “real reason” that was more than this “policy” drivel.

Now, Andrew Tate had my attention.

I dove in.

Tate is British-American, a former kickboxing champion, who grew up poor in the UK and now lives in Romania. After the banning, Andrew Tate became, amazingly, MORE popular (of note: proof that you do not “NEED” social media to reach an audience). Every outlet and podcaster who could, interviewed him. I consumed several of those interviews and got a feel for Tate’s approach.

I appreciated it immediately. And here’s why.

Andrew Tate was modeling and preaching hyper-masculinity in a world that’s pushing it away.

He was speaking and (if you believe his boasts of financial status and physical capabilities) modeling to men (and women fans, of which there are many) how to be fully self-accountable, self-evaluating, focused, disciplined, well-connected, confident, self-actualized and to lose all the excuses that allow you to be less than your best self.

There was nothing misogynistic about it.

It’s that in today’s world, masculinity is labeled as “misogyny” because the line between the two has shifted so far towards the feminine. It’s the same as how being in the center politically now translates as “conservative.”

I joined Tate’s email list.

The messages resonate with me. Probably because our thought processes align; we just express it in different ways.

Some paraphrased examples, straight from Tate emails –

• If you stopped putting things off until tomorrow and did them now, you would be twice as successful.

• Speed is the key to victory.

• Every time you reach a new level, that new level is now your standard.

• Everyone has friends when they're winning. Who would be your friends if you were in jail?

• Get passionate about your freedom, and it doesn't matter what the work is.
• Most people coast through life like a dim lightbulb: Not entirely off, but never ON, either.
• Money won’t fix being a coward.
• How much stress can you tolerate while remaining effective?
• Chess is life: There is no luck; own your outcomes.
• Wanna commit suicide? Ok - but first, go to the gym and develop a 6-pack. Then, kill yourself if you want to.
• People should feel they need to BE better and DO better just because you walked in the room.

These are all things I’ve touched on (or grabbed on with both hands) for years. I appreciate when another person “gets it” and says so unapologetically.

If you're a female reading this, understand: These are the things men think about to themselves, and need to be told on a regular basis (even the ones who teach it). Look at the market’s response to Andrew Tate.

I’m an entrepreneur, pro athlete. Been around the world. Seen and done a lot. I read this man’s message and immediately knew he had tapped into something powerful.

Andrew Tate was speaking a truth that the world’s men had been bullied into not thinking, let alone saying out loud.

That’s where the trouble began.


Tate’s previous business before he got into personal development was running a “cam girl” business.

If you don't know what a “cam girl” (short for webcam girl) is (or your wife will also read this so you'll pretend you don't know what it is), think OnlyFans. If you don't know OnlyFans, think of a paid version of the soft porn you see every day on Instagram.

In short, cam girls do over the internet what strippers do in a strip club: Take off clothes, talk to and seduce men into giving the girls money as they feed the men’s sexual fantasies (without ever actually fulfilling said fantasies). Cam sites, like OnlyFans, are usually subscription-based and have mechanisms for customers to buy “bonuses” and give “gifts” to their favorite girls.

Tate ran one of these operations. He got girls to work the camera while he handled the business side.

This is not secret information.

Tate has videos online from years ago where he explicitly shares exactly how he ran said cam business. He talks about how he would attract and have sex with a woman, then mentally manipulate the girl into doing whatever he wanted her to do, eventually “pimping” (his words) these women as cam girls while he kept upwards of 80% of the cam proceeds.

Andrew Tate has videos online where he explains, step-by-step, how anyone could run a similar business.

This is, depending on whom you ask, how the Tates made the bulk of their money (Andrew consistently states that he’s a centimillionaire).

Apparently, Andrew is out of the cam business now and in the “motivating men” business.

But his enemies are chasing him with this past.

For all of 2023, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been, between house arrest and actual jail, incarcerated in Romania. As of this writing, the official charge is human trafficking.

Problem: The evidence is weak at best.

The claim is that Tate used the “loverboy” method to traffic women. In short, it’s the exact method that Andrew himself described. According to court documents, Tate brainwashed and emotionally manipulated his girls so thoroughly that they don't think they've been manipulated – thus, none has been willing to come forward as a victim. BUT, the Romanian courts are INSISTING that the girls ARE victims, while the girls say they're not.

The court case is ongoing.

As of this writing, Andrew and Tristan Tate are confined to their very-nice luxury compound in Romania (you can see it via Tate’s Twitter, where he is active daily).


Just last week, Tate did a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson (a guy who himself got kicked out of Fox News this year) that has been noted as the most viewed interview in the history of tracked media.

Tucker asked Tate about the charges against him. Tate blew them off with the usual talking points that he’s been making about the charges for the last six months.

- The Romanian government, which Tate is careful to be respectful of, is trying to make a case, although they have very little upon which to build a case.

- The government is insisting that these girls are victims, even though none of the girls is claiming to be a victim.

- It’s Tate’s lack of respect for “the matrix,” as he calls it, and his influence on others to have less respect for (and to aim to escape) the matrix, that is the real issue, not anything about human trafficking or cam girls.

A day or so after that interview, which you should watch on Twitter (Tucker Carlson’s new platform after leaving Fox) or YouTube, some Internet sleuth put out a 6-minute montage video that positioned itself as debunking some of Andrew Tate’s claims.

The montage shows clips of Tate explaining his “pimping” method of cam girls; how he would keep the bulk of the money it generated; and how he would emotionally and mentally manipulate the girls. Tate seemed genuinely proud of himself in explaining his hustle.

The video purports that Tate lied to Tucker Carlson in their interview.

Andrew Tate is, I would guess, an imposing figure. He’s 6‘,3“ tall, well spoken, articulate, with a strong voice, is a former kickboxing champion, and, true to his image, is what you’d call “toxic masculine.” Tate is the kind of guy who never “loses” an argument.

Tucker Carlson did not appear to be prepared to offer counter-points or counter-questions to anything Tate asserted during the interview; who knows if he would even have wanted to.

But, after the montage video came out, the public backlash to the interview (and to Tate and to some extent, Tucker Carlson) began.

In short, the backlash from individuals was the same as what the social media platforms had said upon mass-banning him in 2022.

He’s misogynistic!
Tate is a scumbag!

This is a harmful message!
He shouldn’t be teaching this to young men!
He lied about the charges!
He should never be “platformed” by anyone!

So you have the story.
Now, let’s get to the truth.


The Andrew Tate montage video “exposing” him is not proof of a crime. It proves that Tate massaged the truth when speaking to Tucker, for sure.

Lying to Tucker Carlson ain't a crime.

Name a public figure, besides Jesus Christ, who hasn’t messaged a truth to the masses. I’ll wait. Name one.

Getting girls to work for you and keeping 80% of the proceeds under the guise of an intimate relationship is NOT a crime. You can call it sleazy. You can pronounce to a room full of angry women that you would never do it.

It’s not a crime.

Tate put all of that out there, publicly, YEARS ago. The women agreed to the deal. Why was he never charged then?

Mentally and emotionally manipulating a person is not a criminal act. There are men reading this very article who believe they’ve been manipulated by women to the tune of free trips, gifts, alimony, child support payments and more.

Can they take these women to court? No.

But, perhaps you frown on pimping.

You don’t like the idea of a man using a woman who has offered herself to be used.

Maybe you think a man who would do that could lead to him doing worse things, things that are actual crimes, to women.

What it “could” lead to is not grounds for a criminal charge.

Girls selling vag & ass? That’s the second-oldest profession next to selling itself.

Since when did one guy doing it become headline news?

Andrew Tate hasn’t done anything that warrants the backlash or attacks or criminal charges he’s facing.

His biggest offense: Preaching masculinity in an ever-more-feminized world, AND that it’s working. His crime is that his message is landing on millions of willing ears.

Cam girls? Sexual and emotional manipulation?

I’ve known men who emotionally and sexually manipulated females long before Andrew Tate did it. I’ve watched men do it, and do it well.

Girls whore themselves out in public on Instagram and OnlyFans for likes, comments, money and weekend trips every day. This ain’t new. At all.

Andrew Tate just did it too big, and is too unapologetic about it. That’s his crime.

It’s not the girls I’m talking about. Tate is too influential in talking about hyper-masculinity in a world that demands feminism from men.

This charge is the best that the powers-that-be could do to try and slow his rise and weaken his impact.

The “sex predator” angle is the most acceptable pretext, since they can’t prove anything else (and will struggle to prove this). Make him look bad enough that his fans will stop being fans.

These folks should’ve learned from Trump. This fiasco of charges and detainments will only make his fans connect with him even MORE than they already do.

The argument against him is shaky at best.

You may think Andrew Tate to be a terrible person who’s headed to a warm and humid place after his death.
Maybe you think he’s immoral.
Maybe you don’t want your son / husband / male friends thinking like or influenced by Tate.

NONE of that makes him a criminal.

Which is why, regardless of your personal opinion of his character and morality, you should be paying attention to where things go judicially.

I told you in January of 2021 when they banned Trump from social media: If they can do it to him, they will do it to you. Not because you committed a crime (both men are free citizens as of this writing). Because you have too much of the “wrong” message, are thinking too much of the “wrong” things, and too many people agree with you.

THAT’S the crime.

Andrew Tate is the next target.

It’s not even about the details of the case. If what Andrew Tate bragged about doing is a crime, then there’s a lot of locking up that needs to be done, ASAP. National governments don’t care about women being exploited for sex. Women exploit themselves for sex, and flaunt it. Nobody cares.

Andrew Tate is bringing something to public discourse that they don’t want to spread, and they need a reason to silence him.

That’s why you should be paying attention. At least they still respect us enough to try to come up with a reason. There could come a time when they stop trying, and simply shut down and silence / jail anyone who expresses too much of the “wrong” point of view.

Do you think that would be too far? Go do some research on what’s happening in China right now. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The claims of sex trafficking, misogyny, and cam girls is a red herring: a good enough excuse to distract you from what’s really going on.

But it’s emotionally charged enough to hold the attention of those who can’t think objectively. In other words, the perfect setup.

We’ve seen this movie before.

They don’t have a story, so they’re making one. That’s what the matrix does.

Wake up. Free Top G.

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