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The Goodness-To-Greatness Concept that You Can't Afford to Ignore...

I watched Tom Brady’s Tom Vs. Time docuseries a couple years ago.

There was a scene where Tom had flown out to California to work with a quarterback coach Tom had hired to help him get better at his job.

While Tom was throwing, the coach pointed out how Brady, already a multiple-time Super Bowl winner and one of the greatest players in NFL history, had hired a trainer, traveled cross-country and put in time just to get, maybe, 1% better than he’d already proven to be.

All while players who had none of Tom’s accomplishments spent the off-season relaxing and enjoying their fame.


When you’re good, you do something and get solid, usually above-average results.

Keep it up, being that good, and you can achieve a lot over time.

Being great is slightly different.

Greatness usually has some initial success, too. What makes the great, great, is what happens after that: the iterations and adjustments.

Iteration: repetition of a mathematical or computational procedure applied to the result of a previous application, typically as a means of obtaining successively closer approximations to the solution of a problem.

Adjustment: a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

Being great is about what you do AFTER you get good.

Do you still want to learn? Are you still willing to do the work? Can you maintain the humility that brought you to the hustle in the first place?

When you’re good, you do something and produce a result. Anything you do after is just repeating what you already know works.

When you’re great, you do something, get a result — maybe even a good result… then you do it again, investing in making the tweaks and changes along the way that will make it even better.

Sometimes it’s a small change, sometimes a complete overhaul.

Either way, greatness doesn’t rest on its laurels. It’s always looking for ways to get better, do better, and step its game up.

Goodness gets to a point and stays there.

At the starting line, and even halfway through the race, it’s difficult to tell the good and the great apart. They’re both producing, both highly skilled, both worth the price of admission.

It’s only in the later stages, as time catches up with them and skill is no longer enough to continue leading the pack, that those who aim to be great begin to emerge from the pack.

All the time, those aiming for greatness had been doing “extra” stuff to get ahead — only now though, often years later, does that “extra” begin to show itself.

This is why most people don’t do “extra.” What’s the use, if nobody knows about it?

And they’re right: to them, there is no use.

There’s a small percentage of the population who think different.

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