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The Genius To Keep It Simple

My favorite strawberry farm, Knaus Berry Farm (which also features a bakery), is open for the season. I haven’t been to it yet this year, as —

The U-pick strawberry field isn’t yet ready for pickers, and
The bakery lines are famously (and amazingly) long up through mid-December

I’ve been coming to Knaus since 2010, when a long wait in line was an hour. Two years ago it was four. This year, it’s six (!!!).

Despite their (growing) popularity, the most technologically advanced Knaus gets is responding to tweets and IG posts about how long the lines are that particular day. You can’t order Knaus stuff online. There’s no livestream of the customer lines to gage the wait time should you decide to show up. They’ve had myriad people ask them about updating their website and handling their social media; they’re not interested (I know this, because I asked the head guy if anyone ever asks). They’re only open November-April. They don’t sell baked goods outside of that limited strawberry season; I don’t know why (I’ll ask when I do go). They’re missing out on six months of revenue.

Knaus is onto something.

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