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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/The First Thing You'll Do With A Bad Decision
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The First Thing You'll Do With A Bad Decision

The first thing you'll do is make that wrong decision a right decision.
Decision making is a key principle of leadership. People hesitate on making decisions. Thus, most people never even lead themselves, let alone anyone else.
People are hesitant to make decisions because of fear. Fear of being wrong. Fear of judgement. Most will never say this; it will be information gathering, careful analysis, or getting ready that's stopping them, never fear.
But when you do make a decision which turns out to be wrong, your instincts kick in. They immediately go to work to make it a right decision.
Have you ever turned the wrong way onto a one way street? What happened the moment you realized this? If you're sane, and weren't eluding law enforcement, you stopped, tuned around and went the right way.
Trusting your instincts happens when you're sure of yourself. The voice in your head tells you to do something and you just do it. You can only listen to that voice when your head is not full of what-could-go-wrong scenarios and self-doubt. Instincts get shouted down by a habit of conscious over-thinking. So, less thinking will help you make more and better decisions. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]less thinking will help you make more and better decisions. [/shareable]
All the second guessing, weighing options, waiting until the time is right happens when you don't trust your own instincts.
Then you make a bad decision.

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