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The Cost Of Lunch Went Up by $1...

I wanted to order food from a place in Miami called My Ceviche the other day. 

My Ceviche has an app, and I dialed up one of my favorites: their chicken burrito bowl. 

(Yes, I’m vegan* — but with an asterisk that says I can step out of it anytime I wish. It would’ve been a bacon cheeseburger instead of My Ceviche, but that place was closed in anticipation of the approaching Hurricane.) 

I don’t even like ceviche as a meal (if you don’t know, ceviche is a Peruvian seafood dish with citrus juices and vegetables)— I rarely order fish from restaurants — so I stick to the same 2-3 items if I order from My Ceviche. 

I noticed that the price of my chicken bowl had jumped by $1 since the last time I’d eaten there. My Ceviche had even confused its own app with the change; the prices didn’t add up when I readied to place my order. 

I didn’t order through the app; maybe it was just a technical glitch in their system. I called the store as I walked to it, and learned that the higher price was in actuality the new real price. 

My Ceviche had raised their prices. 

I let the guy at the register know about the price discrepancy in the app. He told me that the price change had gone into effect just a few days ago, and the app hadn’t been properly updated yet. 

This wasn’t a big deal; if the market can bear paying higher prices for your products, then the supply and demand curve demands that your prices go up, lest you run out of supply and/or leave money on the table. 

What raised prices always signal to me is something that all of us on the consumer side (even if you sell products yourself) need to remember. 

As the cost of living goes up, our personal value MUST go up with it. 

What if I’d budgeted exactly $9 for my lunch yesterday — then found out that $9 was no longer enough? Where could I get that extra dollar? 

I’d have to either not eat, or settle for a meal that wasn’t my first choice, something that would fit under my $9 food budget. 

Then, what about when rent goes up? 

And gas? 

And my phone’s data plan? 

And lotion and toothpaste and Amazon Prime…? 

Where’s that additional money coming from to cover the increasing cost of… LIFE? 

While I know that many of you are internally driven to improve and advance, this is a practical reason why none of can afford to stay the same — literally, we can’t afford to not get better. 

While you’re working on your game, you’ll need to understand, both logically and emotionally, why YOUR prices need to go up. I created a MasterClass that explains that, and you can get it here: 


-Dre Baldwin 

Remember: You’re Just One Bold Move Away… 

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