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The “Contact Sport” That Is Business

Most of the listeners of my Work On Your Game Podcast consume via audio apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

My competition for listeners is not just other podcasters, however.

I also have to beat out —


Your screaming kids
People in your physical space

Books and magazines



… And anything else that could command your ears.

You can’t listen to me and YouTube at the same time.
You can’t listen to me and have a conversation at the same time.
You can’t listen to me and watch UPS Guy’s “Special Delivery” to A Lonely Housewife at the same time.

A “contact sport” is any sport where physical contact is permitted, or even encouraged.

Boxing and football come to mind. There’s contact in soccer and basketball.

In these games, an opponent is allowed to use their physical body to block you from, or influence you off of, your planned course of action.

Business is a contact sport.

Netflix will gladly kill your business if it means more attention for them and their stuff.

And i'm just talking about getting free stuff to you. For paid stuff, the challenge is just as daunting.

Back in the day, there was a lot less competition. Look at the list again and note how many off them did not exist twenty years ago. Once you had someone’s attention back then, it took less effort to keep it.

Now it takes considerably more.

This can be systematized, but the point is that is has to be done. You as a business owner and audience builder, have to stay in constant “contact” with your people, lest they forget that you exist.

This is the other part of business as a “contact sport.”

People can forget about you at the speed of a new notification.

What’s your plan to keep their attention?

Have a new course? You can’t just send one email and wonder where all the sales are.

Wrote a new article? Your one Facebook status update probably didn’t even show on the feeds of 90% of your followers.

You need to carve out space, muscle out competitors and own real estate in the minds of your audience… or get — mentally and physically — pushed aside.

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