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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/The Best Stuff I've Read Recently [9.27.18]
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The Best Stuff I've Read Recently [9.27.18]

I read a lot of books, and I get article reading done in between. Here are some good ones that you may be interested in...  

I'm training for my second Miami Marathon coming in January. A Kenyan recently broke the world record for the marathon, running more than twice a fast as me. Even his pacers, guys trained to run portions of the race with him, couldn't keep up.
An article about the Basketball skills trainers who've made names for themselves via social media, namely Instagram. Players always asked me if I'd put on clinics or become a trainer after my playing days. Not my thing. but there's plenty of room for people who want to be trainers to get in the game -- every up-and-coming player today feels like (s)he needs a trainer. That's an opportunity.
A reporter watched the first open tryout for the Washington Wizards' new G-League team that debuts this season [all Pro Ball topics are covered by me on this page]. Though it's not the best "exposure" a player can invest in, G-League tryouts are the cheapest and often the most cost effective for pro hopefuls.
Amazon has a novel idea for catching dishonest delivery drivers who steal packages that don't have a recipient.
A fun video telling the story of the 1978 NBA scoring title race, which came down to the final game of the season. Two players combined to score over 130 points on the final day of the season.
Lil' Wayne is finally back (well, as of Friday's scheduled "Carter V" album release). He did an interview recently on what he's been up to. I'm not the biggest Weezy fan in the world, but I will be listening tomorrow when C5 drops.
The best article in this list is definitely this story of Lorenzen Wright, a top-10 NBA Draft pick who had a long career and was murdered a few years after retiring. The murder remained an unsolved mystery for 7 years... until authorities arrested his ex-wife. This one is worth your time.
Anna brought up Feng Shui this past weekend regarding the arrangement of furniture and elimination of clutter in our living space. I read several articles on the practice; here's one on using Feng Shui to attract money into your life.
This is on Chi Energy, which I totally believe in.
Bryant "Big Country" Reeves was drafted 6th in 1995, one pick after a high schooler named Kevin Garnett. Since retiring, Reeves has been damn near impossible to find. Someone made a documentary about him that hasn't yet released; the author here tried finding him.
How rich people choose their friends, since we are the company we keep.
Nike's use of Colin Kaepernick is what we thought it was (or, at least, what I told you it was): A purely business decision that was better to do than to not do, given whom Nike expected to love or hate the gesture.
The NBA is introducing micropayment options for fans to purchase portions of live games to watch via mobile devices. This is a huge idea that will make the NBA millions, and increase viewership. I wonder why other leagues aren't as progressive and fast-moving as the Association.

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