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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/The Best Articles I've Read Recently [8.31.18]
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The Best Articles I've Read Recently [8.31.18]

I read a lot of books, and I get article reading done in between. Here are some good ones that you may be interested in...  
James Altucher on Artificial Intelligence (aka AI). Makes it very easy to understand, and much less intimidating than it sounds on the surface. You should consider how much every comany out there is tracking you, though. If you're reading this, it's too late.
Jackie MacMullen on Mental Health and the NBA [5-part series]. This is a really good series featuring several well-known star players. Glad t see Mental health becoming somewhat less stigmatized with famous people admitting to having issues.
A Gun Rights supporter explaining to his "congregation" of gun ownerswhy they're losing the battle to keep their guns.  Regardless which side you're on in this (if any), the author's explanations is a crash course in strategy, emotional management and conflict communication.
A detailed expose on Overseas Basketball Exposure Tours Some of you may have gotten an email about this one last week. I know several players who've done this. Paints a clear picture of the not-so-shiny life of overseas ball that many players struggle to get to.
A Miami Herald story on the not-so-glamourous life of Instagram Influencers. I've never been sucked into the influencer matrix, even while receiving pair after pair of free sneakers over the years. But many have been. Read this and beware.
Gig Economy life (UBER, Lyft, etc) isn't so great, either.
New York Times calls social media "High School." I don't know what took them so long to figure that out.
Kylie Jenner is worth $900 Million, Forbes says. I need Kris Jenner as my manager. Love or hate her and the rest of them, the Kardashians know how to turn attention to dollars. No one can argue that.
Deadspin on LeBron's New HBO Show, which I watched and heard... Nothing new. We've been conditioned to be attracted to the debate-style shows, which I don't myself watch (though I will view a clip or two on social media), but are better than echo-chamber shows like The Shop where 10 people all agree on everything. I mean, what's the use of this? It's like a Twitter timeline come to life. The best thing about the debate shows is the conflict, the challenge. Not sure how much LeBron will allow himself to be challenged on his own show, a show that's made by hiscompany.
The Inside Story On How Tough It Is to work at Amazon. I'll admit here that this article show only now side of things, and I will also add that I believe a good amount of this article is true. Reading the Steve Jobs book, there are some parallels. You down create the world that Amazon creates by prioritizing work-life balance.
NBA All-Star Joel Embiid on how the power of the mind and... YouTube videos got him to the NBA.

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