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The Best Advice About Looking Dumb And Failing In Public...

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in South Beach. 
My seat is close to an entry point: two sets of glass double doors. 
Both sets of doors work just fine. But only one set of double doors — the one closest to the wall — works from the outside. 
So, if you walked up and tried getting in through the wrong doors, you may be fooled into believing that the doors don’t work. 
I’m watching people walk up to the doors from the outside. They try the set that doesn’t open from the outside. 
Then they walk away, and come in through the main hotel doors, located some 100 feet away. They never try the other set of doors that are literally right next to the doors that didn’t work for them. 


Why didn’t most of the people who walked up just try the other doors? 
My guess is that they didn’t want to “look dumb” by failing twice to open a door — so they take the 100-foot walk that represents a safe bet. 
It’s a microcosm of how most people operate: fail once and give up — even when another option is precisely one step away. 
This is a perfect metaphor for life, and the simple advantage you have when you’re both willing to try one time more than most people are willing to try — and when you're unafraid of looking “dumb” in front of an audience of… one person (no one else sitting in the lobby is noticing this but me). 

When’s the last time you tried one time more than everyone else? When was the last time you risked looking stupid— and it worked?! Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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