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The 4 “External Assets” You Need 🧰

There are some aspects of success that are dependent on you, the person, doing certain things under your own volition.

Showing up.
Setting goals.
Follow through.

Even these you can get help with, but in general, you should supply a good amount of all of the above if you aim to be successful.

The rest of success, however, should not be left to just what you can do on your own.

Due to the ubiquity of social media and content in general – which is mostly free and easily accessible – many people have fallen under the false belief that all the information they need to be successful is literally at their fingertips whenever they’re ready.

According to Oberlo, over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.

That’s a lot of success.

The truth is, about 60% of success – wanting it; showing up; having goals; doing the work – is self-supplied, and doesn't require YouTube.

The other 40% requires more nuance than some random content.

This is why the professional service industry exists.

From dog trainers to dentists. Consultants to physical therapists.

They provide what we can't figure out on our own.

Here are the 4 things you get when you plug into professional help…

(Or at least you should get, if you have chosen the right professional.)

1) Mindset.

This is more than someone hyping you up or preaching to you about self-belief.

All actions grow from seeds of thought.

Which means, any change in behavior you aspire to requires a change in thinking. You need to change your mindset in order to change your actions. A change in actions results in a change in outcomes.

Many people have noble intentions about what they want to do, but their intentions are based on faulty reasoning and simply not knowing what they don’t know. Action, even consistent dedicated action, based on faulty reasoning leads to unwanted and underwhelming outcomes.

When you get new information, that creates a new mindset. That new mindset empowers you to take different actions, which produce new results.

Some entrepreneurs, for example, believe that they should lower their prices, because their current audience is not paying the current prices for their products and services.

Maybe they’re right. But there are other possibilities that don't require a lowering of prices.

Maybe change how you talk about your offer. Maybe alter the positioning in a way that raises its value in the eyes of the buyer. Maybe you put more emphasis on the value of your product. Perhaps you’re simply selling to the wrong people.

All of these changes can result in you getting people to pay the prices you want for your products –– maybe even more than you thought – rather than cutting yourself off at the knees by lowering prices.

2) Knowledge.

While much of human knowledge has been commoditized, that does not mean it’s no longer valuable.

Today, the most important aspect of knowledge is not in its acquisition, but in knowing which knowledge to look for, which knowledge to implement, how and why.

Your local library has 10,000 books. Which ten of that 10,000 do you need to read?

If you can’t answer this question, you can use a lot of your time, and have access to a ton of knowledge, and get very little done.

3) Plan of Action / Clarity.

Now that you have the right information and the mind to use it, now we need to figure out what to do, when to do it, where to do it, who will do it, and what to do after that.

This is your process. And, the more clarity you have with regards to your process, the higher the likelihood you will actually follow it.

Many people have plenty of information, goals and desires, but due to a lack of belief in their process (the result of a lack of clarity), find themselves procrastinating and not doing nearly as much as they could be doing.

This is normal.

Action follows confidence, and confidence follows clarity. With no clarity, your confidence is low, and you will do less. You will find excuses to not take action.

This is why having a clear process – what to do now, what to do next – is so important.

4) Accountability.

People perform better when they know they will be held accountable for their performance, or lack thereof.

Why? Because humans are human. We respond to social pressure.

The best performers in the world all have coaches to hold them accountable.

Every professional athlete.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have voice coaches.

The best actors and actresses get coached.

I’ve done 4 TEDx talks. Each time, every speaker is assigned a coach to prepare for our talk.

Accountability is not only for people. Your process and strategy must also be held accountable.

If your process is being followed, yet still not producing a desired result, then we need to replace that plan with a new and better plan, and replace it again if needed, until we find a plan which does work.

This is called process accountability.

Did you see something in this post that you know you need?

Good. Because everyone needs them.

Join us in Work On Your Game University so you can have the Mindset, Strategy, Systems & Accountability to apply to your business — and ongoing support to make sure it all works.

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