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Sweet Revenge

I’ve read a couple of Donald Trump’s books, and I must say, the mindset side of his advice is very practical and useful.

When it comes to making deals, personal branding and self-esteem, Donald knows his stuff. Earlier this year, I read another of Trump’s pre-politics books, this one titled Think Big And Kick Ass (well, that was the title when it first came out; it’s since shortened to simply Think Big).

The one thing about Trump, which is most evident in Think Big over any of his other works, is that he puts who he is front and center, and doesn’t ask if you agree with him (interesting to note that his Presidency is the first time Trump’s stance and intentions have been up for debate; they’ve always been very clear up until now).

There’s a chapter in Think Big that very adamantly and directly (well, the whole book is adamant and direct) orders all men to get a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. Donald even shares several stories of men he’s known who suffered “financial ruin” via no-prenup divorces. While the advice sounds simple enough, you’d really need to read it to understand the hilarity of his seriousness.

The funniest chapter in the book, though, is the one on revenge, retaliation, and get-back.

Yes — there’s a chapter dedicated to one of Trump’s most important keys to life success: Getting revenge on anyone who’s done you wrong. Donald shares solid reasons for being this way — making examples of people, ensuring no one messes with you again, knowing that you can’t be pushed around, etc.

Despite there being strong arguments for turning the other cheek, forgiveness and being the bigger person, I found myself agreeing with much of it.

For Your Game

There’s a redeeming feeling that accompanies getting revenge on people. They did you wrong, you pay them back and the score is settled. While one doesn’t need to seek revenge for every perceived slight, there are times to get revenge and pay someone what they're owed in full. I would blame this on my background as an athlete, but that really has nothing to do with it.

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