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Success Is Revenge 😡

I made it in sports because I was seeking vengeance.

Not against a person. There were some people who helped fuel the fire. But they mostly held up a mirror and told me the truth.

I was looking for revenge against the situation.

The situation was being a skilled athlete who had “game,” but nowhere to show it. And no one was calling to give me a chance to put my game on display.

I lived in my parents house.
I worked at Foot Locker.
I drove a car that I bought from a newspaper classified ad for $600.
My sex life suffered because I couldn't pay for a date and had nowhere to take a girl at the end of the night.

Nothing good was happening.

I hated that situation.

Making something happen would be my revenge against that situation and against being that low-agency, nothing-happening person.

I made it happen in sports because I had strong enough reasons to do so.

Not because of physical abilities, knowledge or connections.
Those mattered only AFTER I tapped into the right ENERGY and made a DECISION.

This same mindset translates to entrepreneurship, a professional career, or anything else.

The richest people get rich to beat back poverty.
Wise people get smart to combat ignorance.
Great athletes become so because they can't stand not performing.
The biggest winners are those who most hate losing.

People who are best at drawing attention, despise being ignored.

Life’s extreme achievers, they achieve to get revenge on the times when they didn't achieve.

Then they stomp on the dead body over and over again to make sure it’s dead. Getting back to neutral isn't enough.

What do you need to get revenge against?
How long will it be before you fight back?

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