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Stuck In Traffic? 🚥😜


I came home from college and was back living in my parents’ house.

I went to the local playground, the same place where I’d grown up playing. I hadn’t seen most of the people there for a few years while away at school.

I saw Marty, a pretty good player himself who was four or five years older than me.

Back in the day, when I was 15 or 16, Marty started off not even acknowledging me. But he had grown familiar with me as I’d gotten older and better.

Marty observed that I’d become a better player since he last saw me. But, he asked, what was my next move now that I was out of school?

I told him that my idea was to play professional basketball overseas.

Marty asked the same logical questions that my parents had asked when I shared the same idea with them.

Do you have an actual plan for doing this?

Do you have any job offers?

What’s the next thing you need to do to make it happen?

No. No. And I don’t know.

Marty chuckled.

“Man, you’re stuck in traffic.”

I’d never heard that phrase before. But I got it.

And Marty was right.

I had no pending opportunities.
No strategy for creating one.
And didn’t know where to begin.

I was stuck in HEAVY traffic.

Are you stuck in traffic?

Opportunities slow or non-existent?
No game plan for how to create one?
Unsure of your next step?

The good news is, there’s a way to navigate out of traffic.

To clear your mind of bad ideas, get a clear game plan for action, and to know EXACTLY what to do next — all with my direct help while we do it.

Let me help you get unstuck:

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