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When you have a standard -- something that is a definite non-negotiable -- in your life, you don't have to think about it. You don't cut corners with standards. There is no question that it must happen. We all have standards; the difference in people is that some have more and higher standards than others.

As an example, you create a standard that you must be a reliable jump shooter for your basketball team.

When there are standards, you create rituals to make sure your standards are met. People with the highest standards have lots of rituals to make sure they get met. There is very little guesswork worked into their days.

Your ritual to meet your reliable-shooting standard might be making 100 shots per day from certain spots.

Standards and the rituals that get them met will produce results that are consistent and predictable. Any time someone is not getting the desired result, it can always be traced back to their standards (do you have any?) and rituals (what are you doing?). If you're not getting the result, one of those is off.

You set the standard, followed the ritual, and the result: You're now a reliable jump shooter. Maintain the standard and follow the ritual, the results will keep coming.

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