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Sometimes It’s Better NOT To Know

After reading The 6ix by my friend Dawnna, I’ve been writing down every job that gets done in my business.
The purpose of this is to then separate the jobs that I must do myself from jobs which can be taught, delegated or maybe even eliminated.
The exercise is eye-opening. I can now see just how much stuff goes into my business. And it’s a lot.
So much, in fact, that if someone had shown me this list of activities before I started a business, I may have chosen to not even start one.

What this means:
Sometimes it’s better to not know what lies ahead. I started my business because some basketball players wanted to learn how to train themselves the same way I trained myself. If I’d have known all the work and time that would be required of me moving forward, maybe I would've just stayed playing ball and making YouTube videos.
"Done one step at a time, anything is possible."
Done one step at a time, anything is possible. It wasn't until I started doing the laying-out process of assessing every area of my business that I realized just how much work was being done, and how much I had been doing myself at times. Taken on as one new thing a a time, it never seemed like it was that much. But I can surely see how, with all the information available to us these days, how a new entrepreneur can feel a sense of overwhelm looking at starting their own business. Which takes us back to the previous point: Just start as simply as possible. You may not want to know what lies ahead for you.

If you want to scare someone into paralysis, show them the big picture of everything that goes into a plan. This is the #1 thing that stops people from getting started. People feel they have to do everything they see someone else doing in one day, ignoring the fact that eppel have been building their brands and businesses for years before you hear about them and regard them as successful.
All of this comes down to one word: Discipline.The Mirror Of Motivation: The Self-Guide To Self-Discipline
Are you disciplined enough to start with step #1, complete it, then move on to step #2 and so on, knowing there may be 250 total steps to take?
Are you disciplined enough to not feel overwhelmed in taking in the enormity of a project, and simply get to work on the taks that’s in front of you?
Are you disciplined enough to start where you stand, as a beginner if that’s the case, and not use time or complexity or comparison to others as your excuse?
Some things are better not known. The above questions, though, you need to know.


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