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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/ Something Special 'Bout to Happen
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Something Special 'Bout to Happen

I once read an article in Sports Illustrated on Pete Carrol, who at the time was coaching the University of Southern California football team (he now coaches the Seattle Seahawks). Pete was famous for his boundless energy, and always seemed to be on his toes, ready to spring into action. And his teams were pretty good too.
The interviewer asked Pete what the key was to his energy. How was he able to keep it up day after day the way he did?
I always just have this feeling that something good's about to happen.
When I read that, back around 2002ish, I wasn't taking to audiences yet. I didn't even have a blog back then. But that statement spoke to me, and I always remembered it.
I always just have this feeling that something good's about to happen.
I know this feeling. That mental zone where things are going the way I want them to go,I  feel in control of everything I touch, and nothing can bother me or stop me. You know this feeling too, don't you?
Those days when you're driving home or laying in bed and thinking, if I could just bottle up this energy and be like this daily, life would be great. 
Then it goes away, and it's another 7 months until you have one of those days again. Reading this, you've may have forgotten what it even feels like.
Here's the thing: I feel this way every single day now. I know something special is about to happen, and it happens. Even better than I envisioned it. I decide in my mind what I want, and I get it. And when I don't get it the way I wanted, something better that I hadn't even considered happens. This is no bullshit. It really does happen the way I'm describing.
And I feel I am doing you a disservice in not making sure you know that I know how to get you there. 
Pete's statement helped, but there are more numbers to the combination lock. Get started in Bulletproof Mindset and change your entire life.

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