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So You’re Saying…

Sometimes, when I post a video or article, a commentator appoints themself to provide a summary of what I’ve said. And, it doesn’t matter if the video was 35 minutes long or the article 8,000 words — the summary is always one sentence.

And, I’m always being told (sometimes asked) what I’m saying.

So you’re saying… believe in yourself.
So you’re saying… don't ever use the Internet.
So you’re saying… LeBron James is a bum.

I’m a mix of annoyed and amused when I read these, and usually in that order; the latter after the former does down. Sometimes these types of comments come from a person who disagrees with my point and creates a straw man argument to attack.

Dre: Be as confident as you can possibly be, and stop worrying about taking it too far.

Commentator: So you’re saying, be an arrogant, cocky asshole who’s a jerk to everybody, and don’t feel bad about this fact. Got it. 

Other times it’s 140 280-character-conditioned person who needs to sum everything up in a sentence or two, just for the sake of brevity and easy reference.

Dre: [Writes 800-page book called Dre Philosophy Vol. 0]

Commentator: So you’re saying… if we’re all more like you, everything will be perfect?

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