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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/Slow And Steady LOSES The Race ❌🐢
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Slow And Steady LOSES The Race ❌🐢

There is a popular children's fairy tale, “The Tortoise and The Hare.”

In it, the hare (a rabbit) challenges the tortoise (a turtle) to a footrace. Or, it’s the other way around. Either way, the rabbit and the turtle end up racing. And, according to the story, everyone comes to see this race.

Who shows up to watch a rabbit and a turtle race? Everyone can guess the outcome.

I guess that’s why it’s a fairytale.

As the story goesd, the rabbit gets far ahead, gets cocky and complacent, and lays down to take a nap. The turtle, moving slowly but steadily, passes by the sleeping rabbit and miraculously defeats the rabbit in a race.

The moral of the story: “Slow and steady wins the race.”


This story is complete and total BULLSHIT.


Name ONE place in life where you’re rewarded for achieving an outcome more SLOWLY than someone else.

Name one.


“Steady” is a good thing. Consistency and dependability are valuable.

But slow? No.

Going slow will make you lose. EVERY TIME.

Every time I talk to a person who’s a generation or two older than me, they always tell me about what they wish they had done sooner. Faster.

Start investing.
Raise their prices.
Consider their retirement years.
Something they did at age 47, that they wish they had done at age 27.

Every. Time.

As I talk to people who are a generation or two younger than me, they often ask me what I wish I had done sooner and faster.

NO ONE ever asks me what I wish I had done slower.

(The only exception to this concept I can think of: Having kids / marriage.)

Speed is the key to life.

Your time is limited. So, the faster you get things done, the more life you get to live before you expire and die.

To do things with speed, then, you need to eliminate anything that makes you slow.

Such as: When you need to stop and think about what to do. It’s even worse when, despite all of your thinking, you still don’t know what to do. So then you’re stuck, and stagnation is the epitome of slowness.

Which means, you need a plan of action – BEFORE you begin taking action.

This is known as a “strategy.”

Strategy is about figuring out what outcome you wish to achieve, and the process you will follow in order to achieve it, before you begin doing anything.

Architects strategize the building of high rises before one drop of concrete is laid.

Generals strategize their battle plans before a single bullet is fired.

Professionals strategize their sales presentations before sitting down to meet with a prospect.

Why: Because it allows you to move with more speed and decisiveness.

The bottom line: If you want to operate with more speed, you need a clear, clean, complete strategy for HOW to operate – BEFORE you begin operating.

Join us in Work On Your Game University so we can lay out a clear strategy and plan of action based on your desired outcomes and your available resources — so then you can start moving with speed so you can get TRIPLE the results in HALF the time.

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