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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Show Off: Make A Show Of Your Abilities
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Show Off: Make A Show Of Your Abilities

When you're good at something , or at least when you're communicating to people that you are, it doesn't do much to tell them how good you are or what you can do.

You have to show them. And not as in a demonstration -- show them in your resume and accomplishments.

These days, the gatekeepers don't matter much. Anyone can start at anything they wish. If you're a writer, blogs are free. If you do anything that is visual, like playing a sport, all you need is a YouTube account. Musicians can put their stuff out through several outlets with no cost. All you have to do is produce the work and share it. And with enough hustle it can spread to everyone who needs it.

Just showing what you've learned ain't enough anymore. A degree is cool but that's not a resume today. Now, your website or portfolio or blog is your resume. You can overcome a lack of formal education when you can show production and results. It's kinda like an internship where you can actually build up your own name and even make money in some cases. And all the work you do there will continue to benefit you.

No one has to hand you a spot anymore. There's infinite space for you to make your own.

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