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Work On Your Game Content/Overseas Basketball/Should I Pay Any Fees Before An Overseas Team Gets My Flight?
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Should I Pay Any Fees Before An Overseas Team Gets My Flight?

I've gotten some form of this question multiple times from players over the years. I've addressed it within other posts; hopefully this post will be easier to find, and can save you from being robbed.

The Situation
The Player (you) has some team interested in you. They're ready to pay for your flight to come over, but there's one thing that must be handled first.

You need to pay a fee for your ________ (medical clearance, working visa, whatever). After making this payment, they'll send your flight tickets and everything else.


Email a Player recently sent me
What's up Dre? I got a invite to go try out for the XXXXXXXX squad in XXXXXXXX, but the coach mentioned a 500 fee for a medical tryout waiver ( which I'm sure is good through the entire season) . After I pay the fee he would then provide hotel and flight tickets, does this invitation sound legit , or is 500 for a medical waiver a sign of them tryna get over on me ?

My response to this Player
First off you need to find out who the coach actually is and then compare that to the person you've been talking to, along with the email address which should be coming from the club's website.
Have you done this? If not, do it.
Read The Overseas Basketball Blueprint to be fully equipped with what you need to know.

Lessons to learn from this
If it smells funny, it is funny. Have you ever met a girl or guy who looked good on the surface - but the more you talked to him/her, things just didn't sound right? Your conscious mind was all-in on the physical attraction, but something in the back of your mind was tapping you on the shoulder, saying, “you KNOW something's not right with him/her…” Did you listen to yourself, or ignore it and get burned in the end? I know it was one or the other.Your gut instinct never lies to you. The fact that this Player felt the need to reach out to even ask this is proof enough that he already knew something wasn't right.Understand? Trust your instincts.
Depending on the level of the club you're communicating with, the coach isn't communicating with trying-out players - especially during the season. I got this Player’s email in mid-February. The team the Player referenced plays in one of the best leagues in Europe. The team itself has an 11-person coaching staff and plays in a 10,000 seat arena. (How do I know all of this? Google and reading - both available to you also.)The coach of this team is not seeking, emailing or calling players for tryouts. They have a front office who handles that. And if a team of this caliber wants you there, they'll handle the logistics. Now, a lower-level club? Maybe you can deal directly with the coach.I'll tell you, though, that any team where the coach is emailing a tryout player in the middle of the season? They ain't filing medical waivers. You would be on your own when it comes to your health.
Some people are more empathetic than me, and see my responses or writing as harsh or uncomfortably direct. Well, maybe I am both. Surely you've had coaches/parents/teacher who are the same. And they probably got results, too.Some folks may think I don't like Players asking me questions. Wrong. I love getting questions, because what one Player asks me, I can answer publicly (like what you're reading now) and help others who may be thinking it but not asking. So if you have a question which I haven't already addressed on my Help page (, ask away.
Why didn't I just tell this Player who emailed me that it's a scam? Why send him to research the club, the coach and verify things on his own when I could've just answered the damn question? Because you are an adult entering a profession. School is over. You can't blame the teachers anymore when you fuck up. You're past having answers gift wrapped and handed to you.My purpose, whether dealing with a basketball player, business owner, corporate job seeker or anyone else, is to empower you with the knowledge and awareness that will allow you to scrutinize stuff like this on your own. You're reading this now, so I've maybe saved you (or someone you know) $500.

Any coach worth their fees or salary has one job: Equip you to handle what's next on your own, without needing to call the coach!

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