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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Sell To The Buyers: Not Everyone Want What You're Offering. Fuck Them
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Sell To The Buyers: Not Everyone Want What You're Offering. Fuck Them

You will present a product or service that seems perfect for certain people. You'll explain it, handle every possible objection, make a great offer, and even put up a shiny webpage for it.

And (some?) people won't buy it.

Understand that, as a person who builds an audience on the foundation of sharing free content, some people will only ever pay you the price they came in at: Free.

And that's ok. Free content builds a fan base. It gets you high in Google searches. It makes your stuff spread far and fast. It is necessary.

What's also ok: Some of your biggest fans won't be buyers. You won't sell to them. So stop trying to sell to them.

Sell to the buyers. Give your attention to the people who want to buy what you're offering. How do you know who's a buyer and who's a browser? The same way you do when you're in a retail brick-and-mortar store: The buyers are in line at the register. The browsers walk in, look around, and walk out. Both are easy to spot.

Don't waste sales time with browsers. Remember, they want everything for free. Your time and attention? Not free. Some people just will not see value in what you have to offer. If there's even one person who does, though, you put your effort there. What you focus on, increases.

So keep the free stuff around to entertain the browsers. Whn it's time to sell, pay attention to the people who want to be sold.

They will make themselves known.

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