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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Seeing an Opening Vs. Exploiting An Opening
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Seeing an Opening Vs. Exploiting An Opening

This is not a basketball post. But I will use basketball as an example for my point:

I read (or may have heard) some commentary on a really good basketball player recently. The commentator pointed out how this good player he was watching never actually made layups with his left hand. The commentator followed up by openly suggesting that the player "work on that" for the future.

Here's the thing: If this commentator person were to play against the player he was critiquing in a game of one-on-one, the critiqued player would score on his critic over and over and over again, without ever shooting with his left hand. The critic would never have a chance to put his observation to any use. (Smaller point: Allen Iverson himself very rarely shot layups with his left hand -- watch video of him and see for yourself.)

Seeing an opening -- some weakness in a potential opponent, a void in your space that could become a business opportunity, an attractive single woman looking for a date -- is one thing. Pointing out the opening and saying how easy it would be to make something happen that fills the void, how you could capitalize if I/someone blah blah blah... I hear this all the time. The Internet makes it easier (or worse): People seem to feel a sense of accomplishment just from talking about doing something.
Everything is easy when you're just talking about doing it. All things are simple when someone else should be doing it.
Actually making your idea happen, exploiting the weakness your opponent showed, or starting that business is a different thing entirely. The people who occupy this category of actually doing? They're the one the commentators comment on in a never-ending cycle. For every one getting it done, there are 100 talking about getting it done, or talking about the person who did. The imbalance exists because talking is much easier than doing. But we all know that.

What are you doing?

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