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Saying YES to Life: How To Be Proactive To Get Seen And Heard...

I was sitting outside yesterday, working at the same place where I “stole” the table from that chick a couple weeks ago.
The street solicitors are still active; they’re working the same corner I was at, for an organization called “Save The Children.”
I like children, but I’m busy. I routinely blow them off when they approach. They’re annoying. But it’s fun to watch them try to engage people.
Towards the evening, a camera / production crew of about 7 people came to this same corner.
One woman in the group was holding a microphone and asking questions. They were doing interviews of random passerby. I couldn’t hear the conversations, so I didn’t know what the topic was.
They basically bullied the Save The Children solicitors off the corner; they had to go and set up shop across the street.
I was still at my laptop working when one of the production crew approached me from the side. He was holding what at quick glance looked like a petition sheet and clipboard.
I’m not into signing petitions. The accompanying conversations often take much longer than the actual signatures.
The guy asked me if I planned on voting this November.
I probably will vote. But I told him “no,” while barely looking up from my MacBook.
I didn’t want to converse with him, and I figured that a “no” answer would disqualify me from whatever it was that he wanted.
To my surprise, he asked yet another question.
“Would you be willing to talk about government and politics on camera?”
He was visibly surprised by my response, so much so that he asked me the same question again, just to make sure.
“You would???”

I’ll tell you about the interview tomorrow. What I want you to understand today is why I said yes to the opportunity.

1) I was wearing a Work On Your Game shirt and hat.

When people see the combination, they usually ask if Work On Your Game is a brand. Why yes, it is. That leads to more questions about Work On Your Game.

Free exposure, no matter what I said.

2) I know how people get with politics and government these days. I had a good idea of what the questions would sound like, and I was right.

I was more than happy to notice the bias in what was presented as objective information (and subsequently write about it). More on that tomorrow.

3) You never know who might see or hear you talking nowadays.

And even though I’m not sharp on political or governmental current events, I figured that my perspective on both in general would stand out amongst their interviewees.

Plus, I’m not afraid of someone disagreeing with me; I think I have the verbal resources to handle such a situation.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the actual on-camera conversation that ensued. What I want you to take away from just this part is simple:
Say YES to life.
Every opportunity to test your skill.
To speak your mind.
To answer questions.
To give value.
To draw attention to what you’re doing, how you think or anything else you want to get out into the world.
Your default answer is YES.
I know, I know: there are thought leaders out there who insist that the key to success is saying NO — the exact opposite of what I’m saying — so you can focus more on your “main things.”
Well, depending on your situation, maybe they’re right.
Here’s MY main thing: for people to know who TF I am.
So, until “too many people” know me (and it adversely affects my quality of life), my answer is YES.
What do YOU need to say YES to more often? Reply and let me know — I read all responses.

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