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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Rules Are Negotiable When The Right Person Asks
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Rules Are Negotiable When The Right Person Asks

I went to the BIG3 basketball games Friday evening in Miami. I was there, technically, as media, an influencer, to grab some footage and photos and subsequently post stuff online to spread awareness of the league, games etc. I hadn’t see any BIG3 games yet so I took the opportunity.

Sometimes an attendee with a media pass, being that you’re working, doesn’t even have a proper seat in the venue. That media credential allows you to roam every crevice of the place unencumbered to do whatever it is you do — talk to fans, take photos/video, interview performers etc. I knew I wouldn’t be capturing content the whole 4 hours though, so I needed seats from which to watch the games. BIG3 made sure we had tickets, then — but the seats weren’t great. Also, with BIG3 games being half court, there are fewer “good” seats in the arena than there would be with the usual full-court setup of a Miami Heat game.

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