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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Results Aren't Coming Fast Enough? Here Are Your Options
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Results Aren't Coming Fast Enough? Here Are Your Options

I'm better than him, or at least just as good. I have the ability to deliver just as well as anyone. But it seems like I am the ONLY ONE not getting the breaks. WTF is wrong with me?!?

If you're a high achiever who is always getting more things done, you know this feeling. You're hustling, doing things thoroughly - at least, as best you know. And t seems like people who don;t have half your skill are getting more than you. More opportunities, recognition and breaks that just aren't coming your way.

It happens to all of us.

The first thing you need to know is there's nothing wrong with you. And though you cannot always control outcomes, you can always control how you look at things. Here are your three options:

Console yourself knowing that your time will eventually come. You just keep plugging, working on your game, and great things will happen. This is also known as discipline. Stick to the script. Follow the plan. Everything happening is working in your favor.
Pick the brains of the people winning the race. If people are getting results that you're not getting, there's a chance they know something you don't. Or, they;re doing something you're not doing. Or, they are being something you're not being. Whatever it is, you'll find out when you get close to them and learn. People who are winning are happy to share how they got so successful. So ask them.
Use your envy and anger as fuel to kick everyone's ass. Maybe you feel an injustice being imposed to you. By the universe, your competition, some haters trying to hold you back. Whoever it is, you can use this dark energy to drive your vengeance. Anger and envy are strong emotions. And contrary to some bad advice you've heard, they are not emotions to ignore or smother. Feel them and work with them. A focused, angry person can do a lot in a short time.

So which is best? None of them.

A well-rounded mental game will allow you to use any of the 3, based on the situation and your personality. What you will not do is marry yourself to any one way of doing things. Also, you will release any thought that any one is wrong , immoral or weak.

A wise man knows how and when to use different energies to his benefit, and how much. You are wiser now than you were 5 minutes ago.

[reminder]Have you ever faced this mental challenge? How did you handle it? [/reminder]

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