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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Resourcefulness, Not Resources: How To Use What You Have the Best You Can
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Resourcefulness, Not Resources: How To Use What You Have the Best You Can

The creativity you bring to circumstances is infinitely more valuable than the tools you have at your disposal.
Resourcefulness is what you develop when you are forced to depend on your instincts. You're born with those instincts and they never tell you the wrong thing. Resourcefulness can make good use of any resources or help you find a way with no resources at all.
Give two people -- one with resourcefulness in abundance and one without -- all the resources in the world then take the resources away.

Who will survive? The person who has resourcefulness: the ability to make use of anything placed in front of them.
Depending upon your resources makes you weak. When those resources aren't around, what do you have to depend on? If you've never had to depend on your instincts when faced with a situation, your resourcefulness has been put to sleep.
When you have the skill of finding a way when there seems to be no way, every single thing around you is a tool. When you are only good when you have great tools, your opponents and circumstances will eventually figure out how to disarm you.

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